Thursday, September 6, 2007


Generally, I leave rage to fellow blogger and rage expert Scott. He's good at that. I'm more the snotty, arrogant, and holier than thou smart ass remarks most of the time. You know its true. I don't keep my mouth shut and I run with it. But I've got a bit of the rage today. I generally do have rage but like I said I leave it up to Scott. But today, today is different. For years now, I've sought to work with people that could put/keep aspects of the country on a sane and progressive vision. I hate the term progressive when being used to hide the term liberal. I'm god damn proud to be a liberal. I mean progressive in going forward in the world. I've had candidates get their asses kicked about the Iraq War. I've had town meetings where people would attack candidates because of the Iraq War. No matter how hard you try, you can't quite convince people that Saddam Hussein didn't have nuclear weapons of mass destruction. Furthermore, the argument that Congress and everyone else in the world believed he had them keeps being used via the same intel was sent everywhere. I'm reading in that that isn't even true that President Bush has been briefed on the very real intel that Saddam did not have them by George Tenet and multiple CIA officers in 2002. I can't help it if George Tenet is a yes man and an idiot. But to also read about a new book that says that President Bush also believed that as late as last year that Saddam Hussein had WMDs in Iraq just pushed me overboard. That President Bush knew full well that there weren't WMDs in Iraq and chose to believe his own inane gut just pisses me off. Onto the 10.

1. See for yourself. Its called lying or insanity. Take your pick.

2. Ha, gay sex in a restroom is blowing up the Republican Party. I'm hearing the party is splitting over Larry Craig and the fighting is fierce. Somehow, obsession with gay sex seems like a fitting way for the GOP to self destruct. It helps that Larry Craig wants to stay like that drunk friend of yours who is so obnoxious at a party and needs to go but just won't.

UPDATE! He's now resigning...again...I say wait a couple of hours.

3. I'm reading an AP News Report that a man who ate two bags of popcorn every night has gotten a lung disease from inhaling the fumes from microwave popcorn as much as he did. Sometimes, I'm afraid of Americans...okay a lot of times.

4. Did anyone notice there was another debate last night? Seriously, how many are we going to have? Fred Thompson figured out what everyone else has. More people watch Jay Leno than a group of white men talk about how they love torture, guns, and hate poor people. Fred Thompson skipped out of the debate and announced on Jay Leno that he was running for President. Yeah...its stating the obvious like Nicholas Cage talks funny.

5. RIP Luciano Pavarotti. A wonderful voice will be missed.

6. Prince Harry forgot his girlfriend at the airport because he was rowing or sleeping. He's lucky he has some military training because I'm pretty sure she looked like she was going to kill him.

7. Sir Ben Kingsley aka Gandhi has married his 4th wife who is half his age, Brazilian, and an ex waitress. If there's one thing I know, its marrying someone half your age and an aspiring actress is the key to a 4th marriage. Sir Ben, she is hot though.

8. Paul McCartney was seen hitting on Elle Macpherson, Natalie Imbruglia, Christine Brinkley, and Renee Zellweger. All upgrades over Heather Mills except for Renee Zellweger. I still haven't recovered from Cold Mountain. But maybe she said, "you had me at when I'm 64."

9. I, Claudius is coming to the big screen! If you don't know what that is, look it up. Its brilliant.

10. REVIEW TIME! I watched Journeyman aka Quantum Leap 2. Kevin McKidd, from the amazing and awesome show Rome, plays a guy with a dream life and then he starts to time travel to different points in his life helping change the past to salvage a better future in random people's lives. Its very Quantum Leap and I actually will watch this one because it does have some twists I enjoyed. A twist is that he can actually come back to his own present. He also doesn't inhabit other people's bodies. Oh I miss Al from Quantum Leap though.

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Scott said...

Hmm, I wonder who you're singling out there in #2.

And this isn't so much rage as it is spite but in Sunday's game between the Cowboys and the Giants, I'm not sure who to root for so I'm rooting for injuries.