Wednesday, September 5, 2007

...I was a golfer.

So I took a day off from the Daily 10. I have started class this semester and there's something terribly hilarious about class introductions. They always are awkward. I'm taking a class on Propaganda...yes I know....its like a French kid taking career at this moment is geared toward the creation of framed marketing of issues and candidates...aka propaganda. Anyway, I tend to think fairly highly of my accomplishments so far but man, I'm out of my league in this class. Half the class is trained in some sort of government intelligence work. I'm pretty sure most of them can kill me pretty quickly. I also have the former Secretary of the Treasury of Ecuador who is working on his doctorate. I laugh every time at the Secretary of Treasury of Ecuador bit...its the American elitism I'm almost sure. Anyway, I've got former submarine officers, Iraq infantry guys, counter intel people, intel people, and then there's me, propagandist. I introduced myself as a producer at a political marketing and consulting firm in Alexandria...and you know what, the professor laughed and said wow, so you're the evil one. Yup, me. Anyway, onto the Ten.

1. Larry Craig is reconsidering resigning. The unabashed partisan in me is cheering him on. Yeah how's it feel now to have one of your own not leaving when you want him to? We still have William Jefferson no matter how hard we try to remove him apparently Louisiana wants to keep him. Anyway, Larry Craig trying to stay only angers the GOP that they've got to deal with him and that always makes me happy. On a separate note, comedy can continue with tap dancing routines in bathrooms.

2. Here's a little something from last night that made me happy, sad, and proud.

Keith Olbermann was great last night and says things that I legitimately wish people would say more often. Watch and admire.

3. 52 percent of Australians think President Bush is the worst president ever. John Howard is vowing to keep is 1500 troops in Iraq. 1) I'm pretty sure more Americans know who Ryan Howard is and don't care who John Howard is. 2) 100% of Americans think Aussie accent is awesome and/or hilarious.

4. Ron Christie, former aide to Vice President Cheney, has equated serving for Dick Cheney the same as serving in Iraq except in Iraq there are less man sized safes...yeah Ron Christie sucks.

5. Former Vice President Gore has confirmed the VP is part of the executive branch...for all of you 4th grade scholars who weren't paying attention when your teacher was reading the Constitution to you...talking to you Dick Cheney.

6. Jerry Lewis called someone a "fag" on the Labor Day Telethon for Muscular Dystrophy. It occurred to me that annually, I consider the point when Jerry Lewis wasn't funny anymore except in France. He may have just been stuck on idea that he did a movie called "The Day the Clown Cried."

7. Amy Winehouse, yes, I love this little quirk of mine, did a sober show on live tv I'm hearing. At the Nationwide Mercury Music Prize show, she gave a performance that didn't involve her cutting herself, fighting what I still believe to be vampires, or heroin.

8. Heath Ledger can apparently quit Michelle Williams. Their relationship has ended. I believe the reasoning is that since Heath has an opportunity to score yet another of the Gylenhaal family in the new Batman movie, he can't resist it. He got with Jake on screen. Now Maggie is next. God help those parents when he's done with Maggie.

9. Maybe the funniest story...ever. Bill Murray got a DUI in a Swedish Golf Cart incident. He was dropping off people in his golf cart in the middle of Stockholm and the police pulled him over. Oh I wonder why? His answer is pretty good. The police "asked me to come over and they assumed that I was drunk and I explained to them that I was a golfer..."

10. Review time! I've watched the Cavemen show. Yes, I know. The show is moderately funny until you realize that the allegory for racism will run out of being kinda funny and then it just becomes awkward. Apparently, Cavemen have been running around our civilization and no one has noticed. Anyway, the show centers on a cavemen who is dating a really hot woman who comes from money. The caveman also has moron cavemen friends of course. The real shocker is that Sam Huntington is in it. He's from Superman Returns which is a movie I think I alone really liked and he's in the classic Detroit Rock City which my brother and I alone really like. Anyway, the joke of Cavemen having larger penises, being able to play sports better, and are automatically the suspects when a purse is stolen wears a bit thin. The central caveman spends the first episode trying to impress the father of the hot woman he's dating and blah. I'll watch it if it doesn't conflict with better DVR recordings.

Oh and there's an 11 today. Lindsay Lohan might have violated her plea bargain by bringing in drugs to her rehab. Robert is planning his trip now to save her.

PS. My candidate won because she is awesome and thank you for saving the cheerleader and saving the blog.


Lauren said...

Larry Craig may not actually be resigning. Keep up.

Danielle said...

I'm confused... I thought Maggie Gyllenhal was married to... crap... I forget his name but he was in Kinsey and Jarhead... you know what, I don't care, I'm glad I don't actively follow pop culture.

Also, I saw your boss on TV last night, talking about the youtube video you guys made to promote smirnoff... nice job.

Finally, I still think the poll was rigged and smurftern shoulda won.

and of course... go bucks!

Lauren said...

My mistake. I misread. Apologies.