Monday, August 27, 2007

Its a good morning in America

Ever wake up early in the morning in a good mood? No? Well it happened today and I really didn't have a particular reason until now. Oh and Hayden Panettiere is unquestionably the girl of the blog and fellow blogger Scott agrees. If you don't know who she is, go geek out and watch Heroes. Save the Cheerleader, Save the Blog! Anyway, onto the list.

1. It is a glorious morning in America because Alberto Gonzo Gonzales has issued his resignation. Easily the most worthless attorney general the United States has ever had, he is/was one of the more significant pathetic examples of the current administrations inability to get much done legally or anything at all. Alberto "Selling Civil Liberties like a Saigon Whore Sells Herself" Gonzales lacked tact, ability, and will power. Furthermore, he made himself a fool as a yes man to an ever so corrupt administration. I wonder does he recall handing in his resignation? He didn't recall much during this reign.

2. Anyone watch football last night? Okay, did you watch Countdown with Keith Olbermann before the game? If you did, you're a better person for it. Its on MSNBC normally at 8 pm EDT. Its funny, quirky, and really smart when it comes to making commentary about political America. He has a Worst Person in the World segment that exaggerates that idea but I agree most of the time that the "Worst Person" is true. Comedian Rush Limbaugh was the worst person last night. He beat out Bill O'Reilly, who really should just have a permanent spot.

3. If you did catch Countdown last night, did anyone notice Cris Collinsworth cringe at the idea that his daughter likes Reggie Bush a little too much? It was agonizing and hilarious to watch him grind his teeth saying that his daughter thought Reggie Bush was the most attractive football player in the NFL. Now, that could mean a lot of things. There's the racist aspect. There's the running back aspect. Collinsworth was a wide receiver for the Bengals. I suspect that Collinsworth thought his daughter would be attracted to a quarterback. Collinsworth definitely had a thing for Ken Anderson, who was his quarterback in the Super Bowl.

4. During the football game last night, when they were introducing the lineups to the team. NBC used the music to Collective Soul's Better Now to introduce the Eagle lineup. Its a good song choice. But what song they chose for the Steelers was curiously odd and hilarious. They used Cracker's Low for it. Are they saying playing for the Steelers is "like being stoned?" Because that's a lie. Unless they're saying you have to be stoned to play for the Steelers then they might be right. They might be doing a commentary that Ben Roethlisberger (PS, I didn't have to look up to spell his name, how sad or awesome) might be stoned on account of the recovery from every problem he had last season.

5. Anyone see we almost had yet another starlet (okay former starlet, she really isn't much anymore) get into a car problem. Britney Spears was pulled over speeding. Here's the twist, she had two male dancers in the back. Weird and unexpected...okay that's a lie, we all expect this from her. What got me thinking was when was the last time you thought Britney Spears was hot? I also see her hair is growing back. I'm very opposed to hot girls thinking shaving their head is a good idea by the way. Natalie Portman doing it for V for Vendetta made sense for the plot but dropped her off my top 10 list of celebrity women. Anyway, when was the last time she was hot?

6. Cubs are still in first place...barely. We're taking on the Brewers this week which is huGe.

7. So my brother and I were watching Wedding Crashers a couple weeks ago. It really is a great and hilarious half movie. I say half movie because once they leave the house, it plummets in comedy level with a slight upturn with Will Ferrel. Anyway, we're at the football scene and my brother, his friend and me are having an argument about something meaningless and then I notice on the screen that when Rachel McAdams is saying white on rice her top shows more than than it should. My brother and I have been in a debate for weeks now. He has carried the fight to his friends, college, and the internet. Proving once again, that IMDB you can really argue about anything. In the IMDB world, every movie is the greatest or worst movie ever. Every actor or actress is gay. Every movie is right wing or left wing propaganda. And now nipple slips are a war to be fought. I love that you can have IMDB people stop and magnify a screen and continue debating anything.

8. Speaking of Wedding Crashers, Owen Wilson apparently tried to kill himself over the weekend. How sad. He wrote and/or was in some of my favorite movies like Royal Tenenbaums and Rushmore. He was in Armageddon though...yup I actually remember that he was...anyway, its always weird to realize that funny people are really sad.

9. This has been an exciting month on DVD. There are five shows that I'm crazy for. Legitimately crazy for and two of them by tomorrow will have had seasons come out on DVD for. The five are Entourage, Heroes, Battlestar Galactica, the Office, and Rome. Rome came out on DVD a couple weeks ago and if you never watched the show, it had two seasons and its worth every penny to buy the DVDs. Where Sopranos had an ending that was interesting but somewhat dull, Rome had an outstanding conclusion. It has all the violence, intrigue, and sex of the Sopranos with a satisfactory conclusion and characters who don't bore you sometimes. Tomorrow Heroes comes out on DVD. Its a unique venture for regular TV to actually pull off the superhero bit and it become popular. Heroes has the intrigue that we've been missing from Lost and really tries to place super powered beings in a world entirely like ours. Go buy it, you'll like it. Its on sale on for 33 bucks I think.

10. TV time! I've been really hesitant to watch Bionic Woman. Its the same crew that does Battlestar Galactica and I really do love that show. However, I'm slightly confused on who was demanding Bionic Woman but y'know the same can be said for Battlestar Galactica. The guest spots from Galatica are Aaron Douglas aka Tyroll and Katee Sackhoff aka Starbuck. Katee Sackhoff is actually more than a guest spot. She's a bit of a crazy villain and in a nod to the Battlestar Galactica asks her boyfriend in a Number 6 way "Do you love me?" Anyway, the series is actually decent for a pilot. Some of the technobabble is a bit lost on me but I'll probably DVR the show. The lead in the show is in a massive car accident with her boyfriend who happens to work on a defense company's really expensive project for bionic parts. In a fit of desperation, the boyfriend decides to do the surgery on his girlfriend. Katee Sackhoff was the previous experiment and she's crazy...I mean really crazy. I definitely get a Dark Angel vibe from this show and that's not a good things since Dark Angel had the insanely hot Jessica Alba and couldn't keep the show on long. Anyway, I'll watch it tentatively.

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