Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Where there is smoke

Yesterday, I left work at a fairly normal time and didn't get home till four hours later. Did I stop anywhere? Nope. Was I stuck in between Braddock and National on the Yellow Line for a couple of hours? Yup. Oh that was fun with screaming children in a cramped space just sitting there helpless with everyone else. Trains were losing power at National's stop so they ended up having to reverse course and go back to Braddock where shuttles took us to other metro stops. I went to L'Enfant Plaza where it took awhile for a train to get there as well. So I'm a wee bit cranky today. I also missed dinner which generally annoys me. Anyway, I actually don't know who reads this blog and who doesn't outside of a few people....actually if you do read it props to you and if you don't, well it doesn't matter does it so onto the list. PS for those who do read this blog, vote for Robert's Girl O' the Blog. My candidate is Hayden Panettiere from Heroes. The Al Gore of this race who actually is in this race. Save the Cheerleader, Save the Blog.

1. I've started a little experiment on the metro to amuse myself. Instead of saying "excuse me" or "pardon me," I've been saying "Karate Chop." I've found that "excuse me" or "pardon me" works mostly but sometimes doesn't. Saying "Karate Chop" works just as well I've found at least this morning plus they move a little faster because they think you're crazy. I'm okay with that. Just get out of my way. Tomorrow, I'm thinking of saying "ahoy matte."

2. Now that Gonzo is gone, you'd think hey I'm the President of the United States I probably should pick someone competent for the end of my run. Nope. President Bush is rumored to be considering moving Michael Chertoff from Homeland Security to AG....yeah that guy who was just as awful as Michael Heck of a Job Browne during Katrina. His gut feeling told us we were going to be attacked this summer. My gut feeling says he's an ass hole. So there goes a dream of a competent person at AG in this administration. Patrick Fitzgerald would be a great choice. Okay maybe, he'll do it for Homeland Security...say someone in the security field....oh wait you are thinking about your college room mate who once ran Frito Lay....Saddam did like Doritos. Yeah Clay Johnson who you've had one conversation ever on foreign policy and that was about trying to avoid the draft in Vietnam. Brilliant. Oh and Clay Johnson has a President Bush doll on his desk. Superman was too liberal a super hero.

3. Tom Petty made 1.7 million dollars last weekend on four hours work. I love Tom Petty but man, that's a lot of money. It was for financier Leon Black's birthday. Apparently, New York Mayor Bloomberg was rocking out. Can you imagine him going all chill for Mary Jane's Last Dance? I can but I'm crazy.

4. Rudy Giuliani sucks. C'mon GOP man up and find a better candidate. Just because you get punched in the face, doesn't mean you're an expert fighter. He seems to think he's the expert on terrorism...right. He could have a little more credit if he'd shown up to the 9/11 commission but he was off doing a fund raiser. Everything this guy says is remarkably simplistic or just plain stupid. Saying shit like you were there more than workers at the 9/11 site was plain dumb. How naive are you that you would think that someone wouldn't find out you spent something like three times as much time watching the Yankees play instead of at the work site during the days and months after 9/11.. Tell you what GOP, choose Mike Huckabee and I'll respect you a little more. Will I vote for him? No. But at least Mike Huckabee has somewhat of an idea what he's talking about even if I disagree with him on somethings.

5. Bill O'Reilly really tried to politicize High School Musical...really.

6. Entertainment Weekly online has the top 50 celebrity scandals on their website. Please go to it and enjoy. I'm not entirely sure that Rosie
O'Donnell quiting the View deserves the 19th spot. Michael Richards at 14 really doesn't fit either. His career was pretty over anyway. Number #1 is debatable though I can agree.

7. Jeff Fahey is joining Lost! Seriously, the Lawnmower Man is going to be on Lost. I'm hoping for a reference. He also was in Grindhouse for those not getting my Lawnmower Man hysterics.

8. Today, on the did you know Wikipedia se
gment, did you know that Khotyn Fortress and Kiev-Pechersk Lavra are among the Seven Wonders of Ukraine? Is anyone else astonished that Ukraine has seven wonders? Wikipedia is a amazing in its infinite knowledge.

9. Yes go see Superbad. Rob is entirely right. Does anyone think I of all people have to have a McLovin tee shirt.

10. Now where I normally review a tv show. I'm going to start reviewing things that I truly love sometimes instead of a tv show. I love comic books. Not afraid to say it and I lack shame. Anyone who watches as many movies and tv shows as I do shouldn't have shame...its weak. Anyway, my favorite comic as of this moment is a series called New Frontier by DC Comics. Darwyn Cooke is the writer and artist. This comic literally reminds readers of the feeling that our parents and grandparents got when they read comics. Its a sense of wonder and astonishment. It is also quite like the great Batman cartoon of the 90s. The story takes place in the 50s when so much was possible but so much darkness existed in the Cold War. All the great characters are there, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, the Flash and etc. The central character is my favorite of all time, Hal Jordan aka Green Lantern. The art is unique, the writing is crisp, witty, and fun, and originally, it ran with no ads because it was just that good. Its six issues but is in two trade paper back books available at Amazon.com or most book stores. If you don't love it, you're not getting it. For those willing to take a bigger jump, there is an absolute edition (I own one) that has notes and commentary. It also explains some of the references you may miss. Go read it, its DC at its finest. PS, There is a cartoon movie coming out soon based on this book.

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