Tuesday, August 28, 2007

New Poll

As you may have noticed, a new poll has been added to the blog to help determine the official girl of Mr. Brooks Knocked Up Nancy Drew. The names were derived from Robert's original post on the topic as well as comments added by both Chris and myself. An other category was added for those who are not posters and may disagree with the choices. You may register your "other vote" in the comments section for this post. Make sure to get your vote in before Labor Day because once the votes are tallied, the will of the people will be enforced. At least until we grow bored.



Lauren said...

Hilary Duff. Cute. Wholesome. Very little chance of needing to go to rehab.

Also, she's from Houston. :-)

Danielle said...


Edmund Dantes said...

outstanding option there but she's no heroes cheer leader. Save the Cheer leader, save the blog!