Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Row Row Row Your Boat Rage

Hello, everyone, I'm one of those people who thrives off the randomness of the world. PS, if you didn't know, Edmund Dantes isn't my real name but when you do wikipedia the name, you'll be better off for it.

1. I love the difference in people's rage on Michael Vick and Ray Lewis during both their incidents. Vick's career is done and Lewis is still playing. The moral of the story is that dogs are way more likable than people apparently.

2. Brian Williams of NBC really is wearing a Stephen Colbert red wrist band.

3. Heidi Fleiss, America's favorite mistress, is a huge Hillary Clinton fan which I found amusing. I'm a liberal Democrat by the way but I thought it was funny.

4. The worst screen couple of all time apparently is Hayden Christensen and Natalie Portman from the new Star Wars trilogy....really, I mean really? I mean it was bad but I can't even sit through Gigli without thinking I might have been water boarded. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez c'mon people are the worst.

5. Amy Winehouse scares me. Luckily, I have food near me so she'll run away.

6. Okay, a little rant. I play video games and love them because I'm an 8 year old. Anyway, in Call of Duty 3, I can kill hundreds of Nazis, aim artillery, drive a tank, and look awesome doing it. So there is a level where I have to cross a river with a row boat and BAH! Its like kryptonite. I can't row a boat at all. In fact, I've been blown up by mysterious artillery every time as I try to row with a paddle. Seriously, all the Nazis had to do to stop my force was guard rivers and leave rowing boats for me to try to cross.

7. Yes, I have the new Madden as well. Yes the Bears will win several Super Bowls . I have also benched Grossman to start the season in favor of the great Michigan quarterback Brian Griese.
Because the Bears are bad contract negotiators, I have no money in the league because Charles Tillman needs to be one of the most expensive players in the game.

8. I still hate Karl Rove and Dick Cheney and will probably say that often in this blog. However, I'm still trying to figure out what "the math" is and where Karl MC Rove learned to dance.

9. Go see Death at Funeral. Its funny, British, and enjoyable.

10. Tomorrow is the best day of week that you have to work on and won't wake up the next day with a hangover aka new comic book day. more to come.

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