Friday, August 24, 2007

The Trust Relationship Between this Workstation and the Primary Domain Field has Failed

So, yesterday I'm going to try and print something out. Spools over to the printer, Bob's your uncle and I head over to pick up my printing. Thats interesting. No printing. Half an hour later I am growing increasingly irate. Keep in mind, the temporary employees keep asking me how my printing is going and suggesting that I am somehow doing it wrong. This is only helping to fan the flames of my hatred. Finally, I call tech support and they send someone up. For the next 90 minutes, my computer is taken over two IT people who are trying to fix a larger network problem from my terminal. It is as this point that I see the most interesting error message I have ever recieved. It literally reads as "The trust relationship between this workstation and the primary domain field has failed." What the fuck does that even mean? Did my primary domain field see my workstation at a coffee shop with some cheap floozy tertiary domain field? They were friends from college! I swear! Maybe it was book club friends. Who is my primary domain field to question the integrity and dignity of my workstation? You know what? My primary domain field is a slut. Yeah, thats right, I said it, a slut. Letting its transistors hang out and everything. That shit just isn't civil. This brings me to a larger point though, in that I hate technology.

Lets be clear here. I have 3 video game consoles and built my own computer. I watch tv and have a DVD collection. My job basically requires me to surf the internet for 6 hours a day (writing in Word the other 2 hours). Clearly I am a heavy user and enjoyer of technology. But at the same time, when something goes wrong, most of us are completely incapable of fixing it. If my car (if I had one) needed an oil change, I could do it myself. It isn't that hard. I even know how to change the oil filter. I can fix that. But if the trust relationship between my workstation and the primary domain field fails, well I don't even know where to begin. I don't even know what that means. So I have to call some nice people to come up and run a whole bunch of weird programs to help me out. Its not even the fact that I need help that bugs me.

Its the fact that I'm totally useless to the process. "Did you do anything that would mess up the network." Says I, "no, I wouldn't even know how to mess up the network without trying." Concerned looks. "Well, we're going to delete your network account for a little bit" All of the sudden I'm Milton and the "glitch" has been resolved. I'm now wandering around the office, harassing people because, hey, I've got nothing to do. This is the other problem with tech support. While its happening, you have literally nothing to do but sit on your hand, thumb pointing to the sky.

Finally, they tell me I can have my computer back. I sit down, start getting comfortable, get my groove on with the primary domain field, when they come back 20 minutes later and need my computer again. Boo hiss. Once again, I am left to wander the office desert. Like the Israelites when they were cast out of Egypt. Or left. Whichever. Minutes pass while they futz with my system again. Which leads me to another thing that bugs me about tech support. Its never done on the first try, oh ho no, because that would make sense. Instead I am kicked off at least 3 more times and even phonecalled once or twice to do last minute things.

But hey, at least my tech support guy wasn't in India


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Edmund Dantes said...

haha, you computer has trust issues!